We’re Moving!

Yes, we’re finally on the move to our new home at Jarnie Godwin Art.

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I’m so excited to be able to finally announce the move, which will take place in July. It’s a whole new website with a brand new school, and loads of new features. Including the following:


  • My ‘live’ filmed as it happens video workshops take you through some of my favourite botanical subjects.
  • InPractice and ToolBox videos give you all the practical exercises and know-how to get all the techniques and motivation.
  • Your very own student forum and member gallery where you can post questions, or just have a chat and share your work with others.

See you There


A Selection of Current Botanical Watercolour Tutorials

With a new Tutorial added every month

What the students say…

“I have to say, this is an AWESOME tutorial!!!!” – Stacy


“The tutorials are wonderful…you explain what you are doing while giving insight into why…teaching me how to think about the process, growing the ability to translate the skills.” – Betty


“Thank you Jarnie for your excellent tutorials I am just a beginner with botanical painting but have found the stages of the tutorials excellent and so well explained have learned so much already” – Rita

Online Botanical Watercolour Painting Tutorials

With a new tutorial to try every month, and lots of tips in the Technique Tool Box, and sketchbook exercises to try there is so much more to enjoy when you subscribe.

From equipment and technique, through all the stages of botanical watercolour painting, including drawing, tips and advice on composition, through to the finishing touches and even troubleshooting, my tutorials will help you achieve the results you are looking for in your botanical painting, whilst developing your own style.

Our Brand New Home

The ArtRoom

What’s Coming Soon

The brand new website is currently under construction and I have got loads of fabulous new content and ideas for The ArtRoom. The ArtRoom will be our new home, and there will be some great new features, including the student forum, where you can join in with an active community of painters, all learning together.

Contact me for further details

 A Selection of Student’s Work