We’re Moving!

Yes, we’re finally on the move to our new home at Jarnie Godwin Art.

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I’m so excited to be able to finally announce the move, which will take place in July. It’s a whole new website with a brand new school, and loads of new features. Including the following:




See you There

A Selection of Archive Projects

With a new tutorial added every month

What the students say…

“I have to say, this is an AWESOME Tutorial!!!!” – Stacy


“The tutorials are wonderful…you explain what you are doing while giving insight into why…teaching me how to think about the process, growing the ability to translate the skills.” – Betty

“Thank you Jarnie for your excellent tutorials I am just a beginner with botanical painting but have found the stages of the tutorials excellent and so well explained… have learned so much already” – Rita

FREE Taster Session


Want to have a go? Try my free tutorial. with the easy to follow step-by-step videos, it’s easier than you think. The project covers all aspects of the painting, right through to the finishing touches, including support PDF downloads to help you complete the project.

Lots of extras are included in your free membership package. As well as the Free tutorial, you also get access to a selection of my ‘Technique Tool Box‘ videos, along with a practical Sketchbook in Practice exercise to help you gain more skills and confidence. In addition, you will also receive my exclusive fortnightly tip sheets ‘Bitesize‘, where I share lots of extra tips and ideas to keep you inspired.

Take a quick look at the You Tube Technique Tip Video for Bright Blue Viola


Get more with a subscription. Take a look at the monthly, 6 month, or annual options below

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what's included

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Each project contains a series of videos, detailing a stage in the process of painting a subject, from the foundations right through to the finishing touches. Most subjects are botanical, so projects could be flowers, fruits, berries or leaves, but the techniques can be used just as effectively to non-botanical subjects, such as feathers, butterflies or shells, and along the way more of these will be included in the project list.

You’re shown everything in real-time, (just a little speeding up here and there). No fancy camera work, just close-up footage of the project in progress with a clear, carefully constructed voiceover recorded by me to take you every step of the way.

There’s always a fresh challenge with a new tutorial  added every month. Carefully planned for the best learning experience, by introducing new techniques and skills, and you get access to the full archive of projects all the time you are with me.

Each tutorial is accompanied by a reference package of images for you to work from (especially useful if you just want to try the painting).

The tutorials are suitable for all levels of ability, including complete beginners, with three levels of difficulty to choose from. With a range of subjects and techniques on offer, you can mix and match your selection depending on time or what you’d like to do.

Check the FAQs Page

*Videos are for streaming, not downloading, so you will need a high speed internet service to watch them.

Technique Tool Box

The Technique Tool Box is a set of really useful practical short videos where I share all aspects of the techniques, and offer useful tips I use myself in the studio. An ever-growing knowledge base and reference library, to use again and again when you’re working on your sketchbook, on your own projects, or when you have a go at one of the step-by-step tutorials. Here are just a few:

• Painting with Black and Neutral

• Working from Photographs

• How to Mix Greens

• Paints and Colours

• Palettes and Brushes

• The Method Overview

• Painting Leaves

• The Wet-in-Wet Technique

• Capturing Light

• The Studio Set-Up

• Finishing Techniques

• Troubleshooting

• Ways of Looking

• Drawing

• Composition


In Practice…

It’s so important that you keep painting and drawing every day if you can, so in addition to the lovely tutorial projects, I aim to provide you with lots of support through some great little sketchbook extras to keep you motivated and confident.

My Sketchbook in Practice… videos are a wonderful tool to help you get ideas on paper and try out new techniques before moving on to the tutorials. To help you build up a beautiful sketchbook of your own I’ll give guidance on a series of practical sketchbook exercises that are perfect for when you don’t have much time to spare, or for building up your skills base. With a new video every other month, there’s always something new to try.


In Bitesize, you get a mini tip sheet delivered to your inbox every fortnight. Here I give lots of extra tips, hints, ideas and advice to really get you motivated and inspired.

Masterclass Tutorials

These are specifically designed to offer greater challenge when you are ready, if you have more experience, or if you want to push your paintings further.

Check out the Tutorials Library for the latest Masterclass videos, and focus on more challenging projects, including more complex compositions and subjects. Great fun once you’ve built your confidence.

* Videos are for streaming, not downloading, so you will need a high-speed internet connection to watch them.


Masterclass Online Botanical Watercolour Tutorials.


As a member of Botanical so Beautiful you also get one-to-one support via email to help you get the very best learning experience. if you need to ask a question, or just want to discuss a project, get in touch.

Great for when you need that extra boost

Subscription Optional Extras - Online Botanical Watercolour Tutorials


And, if you prefer a more tailored learning experience you can sign up to ‘Made to Measure’

A bespoke one-to-one service exclusively for annual subscription holders.

First, we discuss your level of ability, and what you would like to achieve with your painting.

Then, I put together a ‘Made to Measure’ course of projects for you. Specifically chosen from the online courses, Sketchbook in Practice exercises and Tool Box videos, your programme of study will be tailored exactly to help you, and to keep you enjoying your painting. Get in touch

Online Community

Learning is so much more fun when you learn together. When you become a full subscription member of my online learning site, you immediately get membership of the private Botanical so Beautiful Facebook Group. Here to introduce you to other members, you can post your work and discuss your progress. Plus, I’ll be on hand to answer questions, post exclusive sneaky previews, and offer lots of encouragement,

Great fun to help you build your confidence and meet new friends.

Just search for the Botanical so Beautiful with Jarnie Godwin group on Facebook and send a request to join

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3. You will be taken to the secure payment page on PayPal to enter your payment details (credit or debit card or PayPal), and complete your transaction.
4. You’ll receive an email receipt confirming your order and payment, and another one from me with your username.
5. With your account, you can view all your profile, subscriptions, order history, billing and password details.
6. My Tutorials is your own personal space on the site and gives you access to all the tutorial courses.
Got a question about joining? Check the FAQ's Page for further info.

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