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I’m Jarnie Godwin SBA and I’m a Botanical Watercolour Artist and tutor,  MTcg, BSc(Hons), DipSBA(Dist), and welcome to Botanical so Beautiful, a place of colour and vibrancy. 

With a trained background in Architecture and Graphic Design, and an eight year career in teaching in the mix, I have always painted, and these technical disciplines now influence my work as a botanical artist. My watercolour pieces have a contemporary feel, with strong colours, highly accurate detail and vibrant compositions, reflecting my love of design, observation of fine detail, and anything with an eclectic and quirky appeal. In 2011 I left full time teaching to pursue my interest in botanical painting and illustration.

Botanical illustration with its emphasis on accuracy and detail appeals to my technical skills, and interest in structural forms, but also allows me the freedom of expression in the colours and composition of the natural subjects I now choose to paint. Working mainly in watercolour, subjects can range from humble vegetables with imperfect leaves, to the elegant iris and exuberant lily with their sensual, rich colours and striking, architectural forms, using many layers of translucent colour to capture their beauty and realism.

Since committing to a full time career as a Botanical Watercolour artist my work still radiates towards introducing others to the art form. My hope is to inspire, with  teaching being an important part of what I do. It is always a great pleasure to share my enthusiasm for botanical art, helping others to enjoy their painting.

From January 2017 I will also be a tutor for the London Art College Botanical Painting course

If you are interested in working with me on a project, or have a commission in mind, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Botanical So Beautiful

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